The Caribbean Sea Treasures and Mayan Mysteries

  • Taino Sacred Obsidian Hot Stone Massage - 80 minutes

    Warm obsidian stones, known for transforming negativity, work to
    gently stabilize energy through therapeutic massage.

  • Mayan Jade experience 4 Hands Massage 80 minutes

    Revered in Mayan culture as the "sovereign of harmony," jade is known for bringing peace to the mind and body. Two therapists inspire a double dose of calm by massaging the body with jade stones.

  • Na-Yaah Maternity Therapy 80 minutes

    A delicate treatment, specifically designed for the needs of the mother-to-be. Includes a soothing oil massage, moisturizing mini-facial and gemstone ritual to balance the body’s chakras.

  • Tropical Aroma Massage - 50 and 80 minutes

    Tropical aromatic plant oils indigenous to the Caribbean combine together to create a stress reducing and immune boosting massage therapy.

    *Not recommended for pregnant women or those with acute allergic reactions.

  • Chocolate Body Wrap - 50 minutes

    Ancient Mayans prized chocolate or its uplifting ingredients, notably serotonin.This delicious body wrap pampers and tones skin and is followed by a relaxing massage.

  • Chaya Body Treatment with Gems and Marble 50 min

    Chaya, a native healing plant from the Yucatan Peninsula, is known for its soothing and repairing properties. An excellent remedy for sunburned or stressed skin.

  • Caribbean Breeze Personalized Facial - 80 minutes

    A complete facial tailored to every skin type. After a detailed skin analysis, our expert therapists utilize native Caribbean elements, massages and techniques to create glowing results.

  • Mayan Emperor Facial With Amethyst - 50 minutes

    Amethyst is revered for its strengthening and invigorating elements. This specialized facial for men works to alleviate shaving irritation and hydrate skin.

  • Mayan God's Ritual with Tige-eye Stone

    Hydrating and invigorating, this ritual begins with a copal exfoliation and body wrap. Copal resin used by ancient Mayans and Aztecs in their spiritual ceremonies is known for revitalizing the spirit. After, a restorative facial incorporates Jade and Tiger’s
    Eye, inspiring clarity and power.